Our Missions & Beliefs

Our Mission

Our biblical mission is to love God, love and serve others, and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

A diverse church of Christ followers who leads our community in service and compassion.

Our Beliefs

We believe that God works in our world and in our lives in these ways:

God our creator values all human beings. We are called into partnership with God. God has given us the responsibility for our lives and the life of the world.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the source of our salvation. Through faith in Jesus Christ we are forgiven our sins, made right with God, and given a new life in which faith is lived out in the world. All possible by Christ's death for our sins and resurrection to conquer sin.

The Holy Spirit, God with us, guides us in our Christian life, grows us closer to the image of Christ as we open ourselves to Him, and empowers our daily living.

We believe that the Christian life involves representing God in the world through Christian mission, social witness, and faith sharing. We grow in our faith through participation in the Christian community. We are obligated to reflect thoughtfully on the Scriptures, which are illumined by tradition, brought to life in personal experience, and confirmed by reason.

We believe the Church belongs to God and that the Church in the world is as Scripture puts it "the body of Christ." The Church is to be the physical presence of Christ in the world. As such, our primary aim is to do God’s will.

It is our desire to honor God through our work on His behalf. To that end, we will do His work with these qualities: integrity, grace, excellence, relevance, authentically, passion, humility, faith, inclusivity, commitment, joy, and love.

Our Values

Extravagant Hospitality & Welcome

Life-altering Discipleship & Dedication or (Devoted Discipleship)

Impactful Generosity

Empowering & Appreciating people

Intergenerational Ministries

Family Focused