Please contact the church office or our Pastor for further information.

Baptism is an important time in one's life. It marks a beginning. Indeed it marks the beginning of a faith journey, in which you will spend the rest of your life, discovering God's love for you and how you can live with a sense of God's love every day. We believe and practice both infant baptism and Adult; through pouring, sprinkle, or immersion. Baptism is an act that looks backward with gratitude on what God's grace has already accomplished and it looks forward to what God's grace will accomplish in the future. While baptism signifies the whole working of God's grace, the response to baptism takes place over a whole lifetime. If an act of personal Christian commitment has taken place, baptism celebrates that act and the grace of God that has already made it possible. If such an act has not yet taken place (infant baptism), baptism anticipates that act, declares its necessity, and celebrates God's grace that will make it possible. In baptism, we open to receive God's means of grace into our life to sanctify and equip us in our life for the glory of God. Baptism anticipates a lifetime of further and deeper experiences of God, further acts of Christian commitment, and ministry in the world.

In baptism, it can be stated that there are three "participants", if you will. One of those "participants" is God. God is present in each baptism. God is making a commitment to you. God is declaring that God is tied to you, no matter what. You belong to God. Another "participant" is yourself. You are declaring in baptism (or it is being declared on your behalf) that you want to, in turn, tie yourself to God. It is a commitment you are making to lifelong growth as a follower of Jesus Christ. The third "participant" is the congregation. We are promising to be there for you. We will be here every week to hold worship services and give you opportunities for Christian growth through education and fellowship. We will be here to show you, in person, what the love of God is like. Because you belong to God, you belong to us. Together, we are a part of the family of God.

Baptisms are celebrated during worship, except on the first weekend of the month. There is no cost for this as it is a sacrament. To schedule a baptism, contact the Church office and ask for the Pastor to start the process.


Interested in having your infant baptized or dedicated? Drop us an email to let us know! We’ll set up a time (45 minutes or so long) to meet with the pastor to explain the baptism/dedication covenant and answer any of your questions that you might have. Once that takes place, we’ll figure out a Sunday service that works and set a date


Never been baptized, God’s moving in your life, and you’d like to be? Awesome! It’s one of our favorite things to be a part of. Drop us an email to let us know you’re interested! We’ll set up a short time with a pastor who will explain baptism and answer any questions. Once that takes place, we’ll set a date! P.S. If you want full immersion will bring in a tank.


Baptized as a child and youd now like to reaffirm and make it more personal now as an adult? We’d love to be a part of it! Just like the adult baptism, well pull out an immersion tank! Drop us an email to let us know you’re interested! And as mentioned above… we’ll set up a time to meet with a pastor, explain baptism, and figure out a date that works!